Employee workplace issue and incident reporting online or through the use of our proprietary smartphone app. ReZolveX then reviews the complaint, provides recommendations and ongoing investigative support to the appropriate point(s) of contact within the organization.

What We Do

ReZolveX provides a hotline for employees to anonymously report fraudulent activity, safety issues, harassment and discrimination.

ReZolveX conducts independent investigations for your organization. We also provide you with recommendations on how to mitigate and avoid these workplace issues. At ReZolveX, we know that companies are operating on leaner budgets, tighter margins, and are here to help mitigate the added expense of fraud and other reputational risk issues from eating away at your hard-earned profit.

ReZolveX is a unique ethics and compliance hotline. Our Team is composed of retired federal agents, auditors and attorneys from agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, and Federal Inspectors General.


What People Are Saying

Since bringing in ReZolveX, our employees have been telling us they feel more comfortable knowing there is an employee hotline in place that is anonymous, and allows them the safety and confidentiality of reporting online or via a smartphone app

Jimmy Farely

Kameleon Swims

ReZolveX has a fully automated system that reports without human delays, but in the end, we made a decision to use ReZolveX based on their experience in investigating fraud, waste, abuse, and their experience in handling employee misconduct investigations.
Evan Dray

Ej Coms

ReZolveX definitely nailed it with their tagline, “Resolving issues before they become problems.” Early employee reporting through the ReZolveX App resulted in identifying and resolving a very complex issue!

Flying Spinners

ReZolveX’s forward thinking with online reporting and a smartphone app for iOS and Android platforms, provides our employees a safe and easy way to report an incident.


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