Employee workplace issue and incident reporting online or through the use of our proprietary smartphone app. ReZolveX then reviews the complaint, provides recommendations and ongoing investigative support to the appropriate point(s) of contact within the organization.

Whom to contact for fraud reporting?

                  Ethics reporting system for organizations

How to file a whistleblower complaint anonymously?

                          How to report misappropriation of funds?

What is RezolveX?
ReZolveX is a one-of-a-kind ethics and compliance hotline, staffed by former federal agents, auditors, and attorneys from prestigious agencies like the FBI, Secret Service, and Inspectors General.

What do we offer?
ReZolveX offers a confidential hotline for employees of your organization to report fraud, safety concerns, harassment, and discrimination issues anonymously. Our team conducts thorough independent investigations for your organization and provides actionable recommendations to prevent and address these issues in the workplace. We understand the financial constraints that companies face and are committed to helping you protect your profits by mitigating the risks of fraud and other reputation-damaging situations.

What is the RezolveX App?
RezolveX is a smart app that employees of your organization can use to submit workplace concerns and incidents via our online platform or smartphone app. We at ReZolveX will assess the report, provide suggestions, and offer continued support for investigations to appropriate personnel within the company.


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