The recent news of a former Harvey school worker being accused of embezzling $1.5 million through chicken wing orders highlights the importance of having proper internal controls in place to prevent such fraudulent activities. A well-designed fraud examination program and a whistleblower complaint line could have helped detect the wrongdoing much sooner and potentially prevented significant financial losses.

Fraud examination is the process of investigating suspected fraudulent activities in an organization. This can be done through a variety of methods such as reviewing financial statements, interviewing employees, and analyzing internal controls. Having a robust fraud examination program in place can help detect any suspicious activities early on and prevent further losses.

Complaint Harvey Embezzlement through Whistleblower line

Harvey Embezzlement

A whistleblower complaint line, on the other hand, provides employees with a secure and confidential way to report any unethical or illegal activities within the organization. This can be especially important in situations where employees are aware of fraudulent activities but are afraid to report it due to fear of retaliation. The anonymity and confidentiality offered by a whistleblower complaint line can encourage employees to come forward and provide valuable information that can help prevent or detect fraudulent activities.

In the case of the former Harvey school worker, a fraud examination program could have helped uncover the embezzlement scheme much earlier. For example, a review of the financial statements could have revealed unusual transactions or discrepancies in the ordering and payment of chicken wings. Additionally, an examination of the internal controls surrounding the ordering and payment process could have helped detect any weaknesses or loopholes that the employee was able to exploit.

A whistleblower complaint line could have also helped bring the fraudulent activities to light. For example, if any employees were aware of the embezzlement scheme, they could have reported it anonymously through the complaint line, providing valuable information that could have helped prevent further losses.

Moreover, having a fraud examination program and a whistleblower complaint line can help organizations establish a culture of ethics and compliance. This can help deter employees from engaging in unethical or illegal activities in the first place, as they will be aware that any fraudulent activities will be quickly detected and reported.


A well-designed fraud examination program and a whistleblower complaint line can be valuable tools for organizations in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. These measures not only help organizations recover financial losses but also help create a culture of ethics and compliance, making it less likely for employees to engage in unethical or illegal activities. ReZolveX, which offers ethics and compliance hotline, can help municipalities and companies with these issues and reduce the risk of fraud and corruption.

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