RezolveX App Subscription Service – Platinum (Monthly)


Monthly charges


  + Initial Setup Fee   


  + Annual Technology update fee 


The above standard charges are included in the cart price along with the yearly subscription charges.

ReZolveX provides a hotline for employees to anonymously report fraudulent activity, safety issues, harassment and discrimination.

ReZolveX conducts independent investigations for your organization. We also provide you with recommendations on how to mitigate and avoid these workplace issues. At ReZolveX, we know that companies are operating on leaner budgets, tighter margins, and are here to help mitigate the added expense of fraud and other reputational risk issues from eating away at your hard-earned profit.

ReZolveX is a unique ethics and compliance hotline. Our Team is composed of retired federal agents, auditors and attorneys from agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Secret Service, and Federal Inspectors General.

The Platinum Subscription comes with

  • Twenty hours of investigation time are included per month. Unused investigation hours do not carry forward to any future months and expire the last day of the month. Investigation beyond 20 hours each month are to be billed at $275 per hour.
  • Incident Review and Monitoring.